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Chronica Magna

Document case

With a present from ARTE medici you will be kept in best memory.


We offer precious gifts for the celebrations and festivities that are most important to you, i.e. anniversaries, jubilees, birthdays, weddings, charity and fund-raising events, grand openings or the laying of a foundation stone.

Your family, best friends, colleagues or business partners will value a unique present.


Our presents are something for the eye and something to use in a special moment. You will happily remember those magic moments you shared with your dearest friends. Enjoy the art of giving.


These exklusive presents, handcrafted by people with superb craftsmanship are eye-catching: handmade books, caskets and cases for jewellery, watches and documents and many things more.


With each of these so special objects you give everlasting joy. A sustainable object for the people around you.